IMG_0135_2Hi, I’m Lindsi. I’m a solopreneurial, Minnesotan, natural blonde extrovert who dislikes public speaking and gets real crabby at bedtime. Still interested? If not, maybe you’d prefer this Lindsi (we constantly get confused on Instagram, you’ll see why) or this Lindsi (who was obviously more on top of her domain game than I was but I got all the good social networks so HA!).

If so, here are a few more fun facts:

  • I run gish&co., a little communications shop that helps good people get good work done. If you want to do the business, let’s connect there!
  • I’m a Godmother to two of the prettiest girls in the world
  • I’m a mother to my furbaby Chug named Pisco
  • I’m an enthusiastic hoppy craft beer drinker (current faves: Fresh Squeezed, Hopdish, and Todd the Axe Man)
  • I’m a wannabe serious cyclist
  • I’m a fast-crafter (if I have to let it dry overnight or iron it first, it’s probably not happening)
  • I’m a do-gooder
  • I’m a COCO community member
  • I’d love to meet you

You can find me most easily at LinkedIn or Twitter, or shoot me a note via the contact form.

For those who need the real bio, here’s that, too:

Hi. I’m Lindsi. It’s nice to meet you. I’m a former nonprofiteer, problem solver, digital enthusiast, Jane-of-many-trades, and self-aware extrovert.

My most recent full-time gig was on the digital strategy team of a global PR firm, working on some big and fun accounts such as the United States Postal Service, Red Stamp, and (a project of Twin Cities Public Television and 3M). Prior to that, I ran all-things digital & communications for Second Harvest Heartland, one of the nation’s largest food banks under the Feeding America umbrella. I also spent some time in a B2B SMB, helping sell refurbished IT hardware throughout the land (but mostly Minneapolis).

Currently, I run gish&co., where we help nonprofits and small businesses with digital and traditional communications and marketing. In short, we help good people get good work done.