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“Oh, sh*t” moments.

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Credit: Hyperbole and a Half
Credit: Hyperbole and a Half. Go visit. Now.

Sometimes, running your own business is really scary.

If you know me, you know I talk a lot about the importance of transparency and openness—especially in the entrepreneurial community, and even more so among other women business owners—we don’t do each other or ourselves any justice by pretending we’ve got it all figured out. That our business growth strategy is developed and the perfect resources are firmly in place. That we’re infallible and mighty.

I’ve already had some considerable “Oh, shit” moments in my first 87 days of solodom, and I’m pretty sure they’re just going to keep coming. Moments of:

  • “Oh, shit. What if I lose this client and don’t have anything else in the hopper?”
  • “Oh, shit. Am I really qualified to be doing this? There have to be people more experienced/more creative/better.”
  • “Oh, shit. Am I supposed to be paying attention to cash flow and lead generation and thought leadership and agghhh?!”

We’ve all had people tell us: “Don’t stress. Everyone else is faking it, too.” Which I believe to be half true. The reality is, no one is completely faking it, or they/we wouldn’t have any clients. But the important thing to remember is that everyone—yes, everyone—has had self doubt, crappy days, feelings of inferiority, bad luck, uncompromising humanness. (Unless he or she is a conceited, ignorant arse, in which case, you’re the arse for comparing yourself to him or her anyway.)

For me, yesterday was an “Oh, shit” day, almost in its entirety. Today’s quite different—full of positivity, hope, promise, and small wins that qualify as some solid emotional redemption. Enough to keep going for another day.

So here’s to more wins and less “Oh, shit” moments, and sharing them all with each other as openly and as bravely as we can, in the spirit of creating the supportive, empowering and productive community of which we all want to be part.

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